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Hello! I'm nya house, the creator of the ritual muse.  I am an artist and a writer but mostly like to think of myself as someone with an endless well of awesome ideas, most of which fizzle out before seeing the light of day. such is the life of a creative. i live in tennessee with my wife who is a software engineer and the co-creator of third moon house, our baby brand management company.; our son who is a college athlete and my consultant on many projects; and our two boxer baby girls. 

i create as a means to dance with the demons that lie dormant in my darker shadows. my hope is that others will feel a connection to my rocky path of accepting where i have been and how to love the parts of me that will always need healing. this is how pain begins to have a purpose.

at the end of the day, what matters most is the laughter within my home and the hope in my heart. we are allowed to heal, we are allowed to create and we are allowed to live...remember, we are all in this together. love harder. 


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