Nya House

I used to call myself an "idea guru" because I would find inspiration in so many things around me, even in my dreams...and I would wake with this thirst to express my creativity and create something tangible to share with the world. I lost quite a few years to thinking that whatever it was, it needed to be loved and cherished by everyone -everywhere. i tried to turn my ideas into a business plan because as an artist, we don't love the idea of going to work and punching in to do mundane things. we want to get lost in artistic expression, have too many half drunken coffee cups laying around and spend too much time considering the appropriate music to match our mood before we make our incredible messes. i always thought i had to choose one path, one idea and give it my all...what irrational nonsense that was!

the ritual muse is a long dreamt of, home for every idea and creative adventure i've had, and have yet to dream up. CurrentLy, my main focus is to use my love of creating art to bring the world new divination decks. 

When i'm not creating, I'm out on the water with family or hiking with my incredible wife Jeanie and our boxer girls...or listening to music and skateboarding with our teenage son. (I'm not actually skateboarding-usually just taking pictures of him-ha!) these decks are the start to a dream of just having more time to laugh with them and eat pizza. or tacos. or sushi.  thank you so much for stopping by to check out my nya-isms, i am grateful for you!

                                 namaste YO!   -Nya